Creating RED Proxies a hassle? Not anymore

Turn RED .R3D files into ProRes LT proxies without hassle. Proxybeuker is a simple tool to batch convert RED .R3D files without manual setup.

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Speed up your proxy workflow

Made for scale

3000+ .R3D Files? No problem, the app is just as fast! Unlike Media Encoder the app has no problem with big batches.

5 second setup

Set your input and output folders and you are ready to go.

Automatic Settings

No messing around with presets and aspect ratio's. The tool determines the right settings and outputs FULL HD ProRes LT.

Let proxybeuker do the work

Stop babysitting Adobe Media Encoder. No more crashes, freezes and selecting manual presets for all different shots.

Why use it?

You are handed over a drive with 500+ .R3D shots in 6K resolution. No worries, I can just make proxies you think! Now you find out how slow Adobe Media Encoder is. And how bad it handles different aspect ratio's and RED Color Science. You spend a a whole day creating encoding presets only to have Media Encoder freeze up.

This is the problem we had on a regular basis and why we created this small tool. It makes your life a bit easier if you have to encode proxies regularly.

This is what other users say:

The app is so simple, but does exactly what it needs to do. No brainer purchase!

Good software, it automated a very boring part of my workflow. Happy to focus only on filmmaking!

This tool already added more value than the purchase price on the first day.

Stop wasting your time.
Let Proxybeuker do the work.





Great for RED Digital Cinema users who often need to create proxies


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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Mac OSX and Red Cine-X 40+ Required

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